Tuesday, March 11, 2008

UW well into a bike commute contest of their own

UW students and faculty spend a month leaving their cars behind
From THE DAILY of the university of washington 3.10.08

Riding in the rain has never been so rewarding to bicycle commuters in Seattle.
Cyclists will get the chance to participate in the fifth annual Ride in the Rain, a four-week event in which students, staff and faculty members are encouraged to commute on their bicycles for trophies.

“Commuter Services holds Ride in the Rain to do something fun for our dedicated cyclists and to introduce new riders to the joys of bicycling,” said Celeste Gilman, the transportation systems manager for the UW Motor Pool. The event has 1,093 participants registered, 250 more than last year. More than 1,000 of those participants are in one of 124 registered teams.

Registered teams and individuals keep track of the number of one-way trips and miles ridden, as well as what sort of weather they experienced on their commutes.

At the end of the event, each participant who logged at least 20 one-way trips will be invited to a celebration luncheon and award ceremony April 17 in Red Square.
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It is great to see other communites and colleges creating their own challenges to get more cyclists on the roads and less cars. And what participation! They had 1093 people register for their 5th annual contest! I would love to see us have that kind of participation this year, and from looking at last year's stats, it looks like we can do it. The BCC's main mission is to try to get people to try bike commuting and stick with it, but participation really matters in its own way. The more participation we have with the BCC, the more awareness bike commuting gets in our community, and the more accomodations will be made for us cyclists! So if you are a die hard bike commuter that bears it throught the winter months or if you have never tried riding to work or to run an errand, try it this May with the BCC and join in the community to promote the bike as transportation! See you out there... ~KT

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