Thursday, May 23, 2013

SO close to record-breaking participation!

The BCC is going great this year! We are THIS close to besting our own record for participation, set back in 2009. Yes, the "official" deadline for registering for the BCC has passed, but what the heck, let's extend the deadline and get a few more folks signed up- we need about 50 more people to best our previous record. The only commitment is to ride your bike for practical purposes once in May, and return your Mileage Log. Robust participation in the BCC is a message in itself, that bicycling is a viable and valuable means of transportation. If you or a friend (who live or work in Thurston County WA) have not yet registered, do sign up now- just click on the yellow button at the right side of the page!

BCC 2013 Mini-Contest #1: WE HAVE OUR WINNERS!

We have our lucky winners in our first Mini-contest of the year- so hold the emails until next time- we'll have more mini-contests soon, both here and on our Facebook Page - stay tuned!

Here are the rules (wow, so many rules!)...
  1. Be registered in the BCC.
  2. Join the BCC blog, or "Like" our Facebook page.
  3. Answer the question below.
  4. Email the correct answer to: dgreen"at"
  5. Wait for a reply from me with your "winner's code" to collect your prize.
  6. Collect your prize at the Olympia Transit Center
(you can click on the image to see it bigger)

Answer the question: What two BCC sponsors are across the street from each other at this location?

For bonus points: Which of the two vehicles in this photo can carry ten times its own weight?

Send your answers by email to:

The first three people to email with the correct answer will win a prize!