Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tom J. is our first random prize-drawing winner in the "Winter Mini-BCC"! Tom won a nice pair of
Serfas cycling glasses, which were not claimed by a BCC winner last year. To get involved in the Winter Mini-BCC, email dgreen"at" We'll do another random drawing next week!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Real World Tips from Winter Bike Commuters

Some great reasons for getting around by bike: 
Even in the rain it’s not a problem because I have rain gear and I’m not out there long enough to get really wet.  I love the feeling of the cool fresh air on my face at the end of the day.  That first little hill always makes me smile. ~from Charlotte

I ride every day regardless of the weather since I no longer have a car. This is my first winter riding and it is going great. My favorite part about riding is that when I arrive home after a long day at work, my stress has melted away and I feel refreshed and ready to spend the evening with my family. ~from Yoshi
I commute everywhere [by bicycle] because I have a broken car! ~from Io

And some tips from commuters who are out there doing it year-round:

My best tip for winter cycling is to take the long way home.  It's too dark by 5:30 to safely ride a heavy traffic road in rush hour. However, finding back roads to ride at a casual pace helps to keep me in the saddle day after day.  Oh, don't underestimate the fantastic services provided by Intercity Transit through highly congested areas!!!! ~from Abe

I’ve been a bike commuter off and on for decades—only doing the year-round thing since 2008. The keys for me were good lights, a commute that is mostly off busy roads, and a work schedule that keeps me within ½ an hour of sunrise/sunset. While I don’t ride in slippery conditions (no snow or ice for me!), I’m not deterred by rain, wind, sleet, or cold/dry (at least until it gets below 25, and then I wimp out). ~from Melanie

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Lo-Fi" Winter Mini BCC

Are you ready to kick the winter blues and try getting around by bike this winter? Seasoned winter cyclist already? Either way, if you live or work in Thurston County and are biking for transportation this winter, join our "Lo-Fi" Winter mini-BCC! Just email dgreen"at" and let me know you'd like to participate. Tell me a little about your commute or other practical bicycling habits and Like our Facebook page or follow this blog. I'll enter you in random drawings for some cool prizes!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bridge The Gap Opening Photos

In case you missed the event and the photos on our Facebook page, here are a few photos from the Pacific Avenue Crossing "ribbon cutting" event, back in December. What a milestone- the gap is bridged, and now it is possible to bicycle the Chehalis-Western Trail from Woodard Bay Wildlife Preserve to Yelm or Tenino without having to cross a major arterial at grade.

Monday, January 5, 2015

BCC office opens for 2015

We're back in the saddle! The BCC office is officially open for Bicycle Commuter Contest 2015. I look forward very much to seeing you out on the roads, and hearing from you as we begin another year of celebrating practical cycling! Best wishes for the next trip around the sun from Duncan and the rest of the BCC team.