Monday, April 29, 2013

Wrenchers Ball 2013 A Big Success!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the Local Bike Shops, Sponsor Businesses, and Volunteers who made this year’s Wrenchers Ball a great success! We gave safety checks to over 80 BCC participants’ bicycles. Thurston County’s bicycle community rocks!
·         Bike Shops: Bike Stand, Bike Tech, Deschutes River Cyclery, Joy Ride Bikes, Old Town Bicycles and OlyBikes
·         Business Sponsors for the WB: Intercity Transit, Old School Pizzeria, Olympia Coffee Roasters and San Francisco St. Bakery
·         Intercity Transit Staff: Erin, Lee, Kris, Meg, Dean, Mike, Donna, Carolyn, Tony and all the great folks at Intercity Transit Customer Service
·         Volunteers: Linda L., Nancy T., Ross, Tom S., Dane C., Bob and John from Bike PARTners, Tiger (Bike Tech), Larry (OlyBikes), Pete(Old Town Bicycle), Neil (Deschutes), Bill (Bike Stand), Brian (Joy Ride)
Thanks, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013



Bring your bike (one bike per BCC participant) to the Olympia Transit Center between 7:30 am and 3 pm
Pick up your bike no later than 5pm. Bring your BCC mileage log, sticker or receipt to show you are registered in the BCC. You may also register at the Wrenchers Ball.

Mechanics from our local bike shop sponsors will perform a safety check on your bike to make sure you;re ready to ride in the BCC in May. If you need major repairs or parts to fix your bike, you will be referred to one of the local bike shops. We will not have spare parts on hand. There are three bike shops within three blocks of the Transit Center, so if your bike needs an inner tube or a cable, bring it with you or be prepared to go get it.

Our resources are limited, so First Come, First Served!

Monday, April 22, 2013

EARTH DAY TODAY, and everyday at Intercity Transit and the BCC

Over 150 riders showed up for the Earth Day Market Ride on Saturday, and fun was had by all!
The rain held off and we signed up lots of folks for the BCC. The coffee from Batdorf and Bronson was a hit, along with pastries from San Francisco Street Bakery.

Every Day is Earth Day at Intercity Transit and the BCC, and today we won a Silver Award form the League of American Bicyclists for being a "Bicycle Friendly Business"!

Stay tuned here or check out Events Page for the Wrenchers Ball, coming up this Friday!
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

2013 Earth Day Market Ride: SAT. APRIL 20- RAIN OR SHINE!

Meet neighbors, enjoy a Saturday bike ride into town and get a head start on your BCC miles while you're at it! The miles you ride this day can count as your first commute trip on your mileage log. The Earth Day Market Ride is also a great opportunity to gain confidence riding with traffic and meet other riders in your neighborhood.

Volunteer leaders will lead groups of cyclists from their neighborhoods to Heritage Park Fountain, arriving at around 10:45am. (Coffee and pastries await, courtesy of Batdorf and Bronson, and San Francisco St Bakery). Meet your neighborhood Ride Leader at one of the neighborhood meeting points- meeting points shown below. You'll bike with your group down to the fountain (across from the Oyster House restaurant), following all rules of the road. After a welcome by Intercity Transit Authority Chair Martin Thies and a group photo, we all proceed to the Olympia Farmers Market. Once we arrive, you can register for the Bicycle Commuter Contest, catch some great live music and enjoy the food and shopping at the Market!

Helmet and liability waiver are required. 

Earth Day Market Ride Meeting points and times:

Cutters Point Coffee at Lacey Blvd/Pacific Ave. roundabout. Meet at 9:30 am for coffee before the ride, depart at 10:00 to meet more folks at South Sound Center flagpoles at Sleater-Kinney and the bike path, departing there at 10:15 am - Leader: Dane Clay

Olympia High School,
meet at bike racks on Carlyon Ave side, Olympia, Departs at 10:15 am - Leader: Paul Brewster

San Francisco St. Bakery
San Francisco Ave & Bethel St. NE, Departs 10:15 am - Leader: Jessie Weaver

The Evergreen State College
Red Square bus stop area, 10 am - Leader: Linda Weaver

Garfield Elementary School,
Garfield Ave. and Plymouth St NW. 10:30 am - Leaders:Susan, Paul & Cruz 

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Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 BCC Rider Profile #5: The Brewster Family

The Brewsters:
What are your ages, roughly speaking? 
40s, 12, and 8

What is your most frequent destination on your bike? Everywhere within reasonable distance— mostly work and school, but regularly to grocery stores, Farmers’ Market, friends’ homes, parks and trails, bike shops, pet stores, restaurants, even dental checkups and weddings!
How many years have you been getting around by bike? Jack and Chloe have pedaled to school and accompanied their parents on trips ever since each has learned to ride or be strapped into a bike trailer. Stacey, a dedicated transit user, has ramped up her bike trips to work over the last five years, often combining bike with bus trips. Paul is a year-round daily rider - for the past nine years.
How many times have you participated in the Bicycle Commuter Contest? Combined our family has worn at least16 contests off our tires.
How did you hear about the BCC? Workplace. We enjoy everything the contest has to offer!
What got you started with practical cycling? Regular short trips made by a car are excessive when one weighs the cost and benefits of automotive travel. In 2005, we sold our second car to achieve a more active lifestyle and reduce our dependence on driving. We enjoy the freedom our car offers us, but cycling is liberating. The decision and the benefits were clear—making a larger portion of our local trips by bike is practical, economical and healthier than driving.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Registration for BCC 2013 is Open!!

Simply click on the red button at the right, read the notes on registration, and proceed to the registration page to fill out the form. You may also register in person at the Olympia Transit Center or by mail, see earlier post for details.