Friday, December 11, 2015

Shopping Locally (by bike!)

It seems that a lot of shopping happens this time of year. One of our goals is to support a sustainable local economy, which ties in with many other sustainable choices, like biking to get around. Small, locally owned businesses have a tough time competing with national chains and online stores. Yet they are right here in our towns, owned by our neighbors, providing jobs in our community, and supporting local initiatives like the BCC. This season, why not shop locally- especially at the local businesses that sponsor the BCC? See the "Sponsors" tab above for a graphic image of sponsor logos, or scroll down on the right for a list of links to BCC sponsor websites.

Local Bike Shops are an indispensable asset to a thriving, bike-friendly community. Fall and winter are the lean times for bike shops- they would be especially happy to see you at this time of year! Let's support the Local Bike Shops that do so much for the BCC and for cycling in our community.

Bike Tech
Deschutes River Cyclery
Joy Ride Bikes
Old Town Bicycle
Stevenson Custom Bicycles