Q: What is the BCC?
A: Please see our "About" page

Q: When is the BCC?
The BCC runs for the month of May, and you can sign up starting April 1.

Q: Who can participate?
A: Anyone who lives or works within Thurston County.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: It's free!

Q: What if I'm retired, work at home, or don't have a job?
A: The BCC is for anyone who uses their bike to get around for practical purposes. If you bike for errands, to go out for the evening, or to visit a friend, those trips count in the BCC.

Q: How can I win anything if I'm not a big biker?
A: Everyone wins in the BCC! We have coupons for everyone who reports miles, and everyone is entered in drawings for prizes.

Q: How is the BCC a challenge if everyone wins? I bike every day, shouldn't I have a better chance to win, or win a better prize?
A: The BCC is evolving towards an ever more inclusive and encouraging event. We want people to try biking to get around. We also want people to come back to the BCC every year, and to be motivated to try harder and bike more. So, we have an extra page of rewards coupons for those who bike 10 days or more. We may also award some of our nicer prizes to participants who bike more.

Q: Do recreational or training miles count?
A: We really like it if you bike for fun or fitness, but the BCC is about transportation, so sorry, no.

Q: What's the deal with teams? Do I have to be part of a team?
A: For many people, it can be more fun and motivating to be part of a team at work, school, or with friends or family. Others prefer to "go it alone". There's no requirement to join a team, and you have the same chance to win prizes either way.

Q: What if I ride my bike to the bus in Pierce County where I live, and then take the bus into Thurston County where I work?
A: Since the bike segment of your commute is in Piece County, you should participate in the Pierce County Bike Month Event, which you can find here: http://www.piercetrips.com/148/Bike-Month

Q: I'm going on a weekend vacation trip to a destination outside of Thurston County on my bike. I'll be biking when I could be driving, so would this trip count in the BCC? 
A: Gray Area!!! OK, if you really decided to bike instead of driving on this trip, then go ahead and count the miles on the part(s) of the trip that are within Thurston County.

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