Thursday, January 22, 2015

Real World Tips from Winter Bike Commuters

Some great reasons for getting around by bike: 
Even in the rain it’s not a problem because I have rain gear and I’m not out there long enough to get really wet.  I love the feeling of the cool fresh air on my face at the end of the day.  That first little hill always makes me smile. ~from Charlotte

I ride every day regardless of the weather since I no longer have a car. This is my first winter riding and it is going great. My favorite part about riding is that when I arrive home after a long day at work, my stress has melted away and I feel refreshed and ready to spend the evening with my family. ~from Yoshi
I commute everywhere [by bicycle] because I have a broken car! ~from Io

And some tips from commuters who are out there doing it year-round:

My best tip for winter cycling is to take the long way home.  It's too dark by 5:30 to safely ride a heavy traffic road in rush hour. However, finding back roads to ride at a casual pace helps to keep me in the saddle day after day.  Oh, don't underestimate the fantastic services provided by Intercity Transit through highly congested areas!!!! ~from Abe

I’ve been a bike commuter off and on for decades—only doing the year-round thing since 2008. The keys for me were good lights, a commute that is mostly off busy roads, and a work schedule that keeps me within ½ an hour of sunrise/sunset. While I don’t ride in slippery conditions (no snow or ice for me!), I’m not deterred by rain, wind, sleet, or cold/dry (at least until it gets below 25, and then I wimp out). ~from Melanie