The BCC runs for the month of May, and you can sign up starting April 1!

Intercity Transit’s Bicycle Commuter Challenge (BCC) is a fun, engaging community event that encourages Thurston County residents of all ages and abilities to try bicycling as a means of transportation and gives rewards and recognition to those who do. The BCC began in 1988 as a challenge between a few workplaces in Olympia with 30 people participating. Since then, the event has “grown up” along with its level of participation. In 2006 Intercity Transit began hosting the event and it has now become one of Intercity Transit’s many programs for improving mobility and the quality of life in our community.

The month-long event in May each year allows participants to develop new and lasting commute habits that result in healthy transportation choices. The Bicycle Commuter Contest improves our quality of life by reducing traffic congestion and fossil fuel use, improving air and water quality and promoting healthy lifestyles. BCC participants have prevented the emission of hundreds of tons of CO2 and other pollutants over the years of the contest. The BCC encourages people to shop locally and increases parking supply, stimulating the “Green Economy” and engaging local businesses and organizations through our sponsorship program. The BCC also gathers information from cyclists about bicycling infrastructure and road repair needs, which we transmit to the appropriate jurisdiction. The level of participation in the Bicycle Commuter Challenge is an indicator of how many people in our area are using their bicycles for transportation.

The BCC holds several popular events each year, including a "Winter Mini-BCC" in February, and an Earth Day bike ride as a kick-off for the May BCC. The BCC also coordinates the local activities on National Bike-To-Work Day. After the conclusion of Bike Month events, there is a "Prize Hoopla" to celebrate achievements, award prizes and hold random prize drawings.

Participation in the BCC is on an upward trend.  2016 was another record year for the BCC, with more participants registering than ever before. Thanks to the generous support of volunteers, business sponsors and most of all our participants, the Thurston County Bicycle Commuter Challenge is celebrating its 30th year!


Anonymous said...

Are there past commuter contest t-shirts still available? let me know, thanks!!!

ThurstonBCC said...

Sorry to say, all the past t-shirts are gone! We'll have a special limited edition 25th Anniversary BCC t-shirt available on April 1 at the Olympia Transit Center. Thanks for your interest!