Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Winter Bike Commuter Profile #1: Ruth

I'm Ruth, a 30-year letter carrier at the Olympia Main Post Office, to which I commute from my Southeast Olympia home.  I ride the paved trails, bike lanes and road shoulders that are well-used by many other riders.

I've ridden bikes recreationally since my teenage years, but started riding as a commuter sporadically and seasonally, only upon moving to Olympia in '93. My boyfriend and I really love riding in this town, as well as in the County. Freddie Mercury said it well: "I want to ride my bicycle." Purchasing the 2008 Trek Soho in the picture facilitated my plan to commute year round, which I have since that year. Two bad winter snows, with road debris hanging around after snow melt, interrupted that run. With the exception of the last few months when family health matters took me out of town a few times a week, my car has remained in the garage, except for Sundays, days off work and roughly two other days of the month. 

Sadly, somebody nicked my Trek from our bike rack at work on January 4th of this year. Cut right through the cable on my Kryptonite lock! This has prompted the postmaster to arrange for secure, indoor parking for bikes. I hope others who commute downtown either have indoor bike storage, or the heaviest duty locks available.

This morning I'll ride my Trek Lexa road bike, but have also used my '96 Trek mountain bike since losing my hybrid. I'm in the market for a new bike, so would like to ask fellow commuters: What do you ride?*

Safe and happy riding!
 *To reply to Ruth's question, please email dgreen"at", or post a comment on our Facebook Page. Leaving your bike parked outside is always a risk, but with a good lock and a few other tricks, the risk can be lessened. Use the best lock you can afford and always lock your bike TO an immovable object. Try not to leave your bike locked in the exact same location every day, or for a prolonged period. One view is that an old ratty-looking bike is less likely to be stolen, but I am not sure this has been proven. Olympia Police have told me that most of the bikes stolen here are lower-end bikes that have been left unlocked. If your bike is stolen, DO report it to the police. A significant number of bikes are actually recovered. It helps to have recorded your serial number, and to have a photo of your bike! You can also register your bike at and see our "How to Lock Your Bike" posting.