Friday, May 29, 2015

BCC Breaks Registration Record

We're so HAPPY we've broken all previous records for the number of people signed up in the BCC! Will you help us translate that into a record for miles and days ridden, too? There are just a couple more (beautiful sunny) days left in May- you can help by biking to get where you're going this weekend, and by returning your BCC Mileage Log next week!

If you'd rather skip the trip to the Transit Center or the mailbox to return your Mileage Log, you may use our online reporting page to enter your total days and miles ridden in the BCC. Wait until you are sure you won't ride anymore in May, as you won't be able to add to, or edit your miles once you submit. Just navigate to:  and follow the instructions to report your total days and miles.

Friday, May 22, 2015


We now have a SMALL NUMBER of all sizes of our extremely popular t-shirts in stock at Olympia Transit Center, EXCEPT Large and Extra Large in the Aqua "Fitted" style. Those two sizes are sold out. Grab 'em while they last, and have a safe weekend.

2015 Commuter Profile Number 6: Benjamin

· What is your age, roughly speaking? I will be 26 this summer.

· What is your occupation or area of study? I worked at Olympia Supply Company for the past three years and now I’m working on the vegetation crew for the city of Olympia for the summer. I am currently trying to get on track to study either horticulture technologies or fisheries biology in the fall.

· What is your most frequent destination on your bike? Well I work five days a week so work is a pretty common one. Aside from that I try to ride to the grocery stores in east or west Olympia to get more riding in since I live fairly close to downtown. I really dig the Woodland Trail so I try and go places that it and the Chehalis-Western trail run close to.

· How did you hear about the Bicycle Commuter Contest? I think it was four years ago. Just from riding public transit on a regular basis. 

· How many times have you participated in the Bicycle Commuter Contest? Pretty sure this is number three for me. There was a year in there when I didn't have a decent working bike to ride. I ”tacoed” the front wheel on my trusty Schwinn road bike and couldn't afford to fix it. I was unaware of the community bike shops and the assistance they offer, back then.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

1698 and counting...

We've surpassed the previous record for registrations in the BCC, and we are SO CLOSE to topping 1700 participants. I know we can do it - we can make it to the top of that hill! If you know someone who is on the fence about participating, or maybe just hasn't gotten around to signing up, remind them it's easy, quick and FREE to sign up at:

Monday, May 18, 2015

Bike To Work Day 2015 Report

Mechanic from Bike Tech adjusts participant bike at Ralph's Thriftway Station
Thurston County's Bike to Work Day activities engaged hundreds of people and encouraged them to try (or continue) using their bicycles for transportation. An estimated 300-400 people stopped in at one or more of the 6 "Bike Stations" scattered around Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater. The Bike Stations were staffed by volunteers from Intercity Transit, the City Of Olympia, Thurston Regional Planning Council, the Southwest Olympia Neighborhood Association, local bike shops and the community at large. Supporting businesses included Bike Tech, Deschutes River Cyclery, Joy Ride Bikes, Old Town Bicycles, Stevenson Custom Bicycles, Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters, Olympia Coffee Roasters, San Francisco St Bakery, The Bread Peddler, Bagel Brothers, Ralph's Thriftway, and South Sound Running. The 9th Annual InterAgency Bike Ride  attracted over 50 participants from several state and local agencies for a lunch time bike ride to Tumwater Historical Park.
9th Annual InterAgency Bike Ride participants

See more photos from the day, and other BCC-related photos, on our Flickr Page

Thursday, May 14, 2015

National Bike To Work Day - Friday, May 15

National Bike to Work Day: Friday, May 15: Visit our Bike Stations!
Join fellow bicyclists in a fun day of riding on National Bike to Work Day, Friday, May 15. The event promotes bicycling as a healthy transportation option. If you participate, visit one of the bike stations along your way and pick up some “fuel” for you, and even get minor repairs done by a bicycle mechanic at some stations. Bike stations supported by Intercity Transit and the local businesses listed below. All stations will have copies of the BRAND NEW edition of the Thurston County Bike Map!

Visit a bike station at one of the following locations from 7 to 9:00 a.m., Friday, May 15:

Heritage Park on 5th Ave. (next to Capitol Lake), sponsored by Old Town Bikes, Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters and The Bread Peddler.

Olympia Woodland Trail Entrance on Eastside St. at Wheeler Ave., sponsored by Stevenson Custom Bicycles, San Francisco St. Bakery and Batdorf and Bronson

Ralph’s Thriftway (1908 4th Ave. E.), sponsored by Ralph’s, Bike Tech, and Batdorf and Bronson

Chehalis Western Trail (CWT) and Woodland Trail Intersection (south end of new CWT bridge over Pacific Ave, sponsored by Joy Ride Bikes and Batdorf and Bronson. Group Health will also have a booth at this station.

Capitol Boulevard and Custer Way, in front of South Sound Running, sponsored by Deschutes River Cyclery, Thurston Here-To-There program, Olympia Coffee Roasters and The Bread Peddler. 

South End of Decatur St. SW:  SWONA (Southwest Olympia Neighborhood Assn.) will host a new Bike Station in West Olympia this year at the "Poetry Post" by the Decatur St. connector path to the Auto Mall.
Sponsored by SWONA, Bagel Brothers and Olympia Coffee Roasters.
This station only, will be open 7-9 am, and 4-6 pm, for morning and evening commuters!!

If you work at a State or Local Agency, participate in the Interagency Bike Ride on this day. See your Employee Transportation Coordinator for details.

Monday, May 4, 2015

May is Bike Month!

It's not too late for Thurston County residents and employees to participate in the Bicycle Commuter Contest. Everyone is welcome and everyone wins! It's free to sign up, and you could win super prizes including a new bike! Register now, or anytime in May- just click the box at right to sign up!