Friday, April 20, 2007

Earth Day Market Ride: Saturday, April 21

This coming Saturday is the BCC's 2nd annual Earth Day Neighborhood Market Ride! A great way to kick off the contest and gain extra miles on your mileage log! We have ride leaders designated to seven different neighborhoods around Olympia this year. Check out our map and find the nearest meeting point to you and join in the ride! The ride leaders will take each ride downtown to Heritage Park and from there the rides will proceed together to the Olympia Farmer's Market. There will be an extra box on the mileage logs to log this trip.

At the Farmer's Market:

  • Register for the contest at the Intercity Transit table
  • FREE CatEye tail lights with registration! While supplies last
  • Flat fix and basic bike maintenance demos
  • Bike commute and bus route information available

This ride is a great place to gain experience riding with traffic if you are new to bike commuting, but anybody is welcome to come...we encourage it!

Check out our ride map (click on map for more details).

2006 Nieghborhood Market Ride

See you Saturday!

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