Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thanks to all for their help with the 2007 Wrencher's Ball!

Thanks to local bike shop mechanics, community volunteers, and their wrenching abilities, we were able to tune-up 80 bikes at our annual Wrencher’s Ball! The Wrencher’s Ball is an all day, annual event that takes place the last Friday in April, right before the contest starts. It is a last chance effort to offer free bike service to those who wish to commute by bike and have signed up for the contest.

Thank you to Larry, Sam and Adam at OlyBikes for their professional mechanical work and all of their help and support with the BCC!

Thank you to Evergreen Bike Shop for their involvement and support with the Wrencher's Ball and the BCC!

Thank you to Min Lee from Joy Ride in Lacey for your help and wrenching!

Thank you to Neil Siviy from Bike Guy, a bike repair service on Lybarger St NE, for your help wrenching!

And thank you to all of the community members who offered their help and/or wrenching abilities at the Wrencher's Ball!

The day ran very smoothly, thank you to everyone for your help! Great job!
If you missed this year's Wrencher's Ball, be sure to make next year's! Tune-up and safety check is free to all who sign up for the Bicycle Commuter Contest!
If you are missing a frame pack or lock, please email ktarullo@intercitytransit.com or call 705-5839.

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