Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2008 BCC Results ARE IN!!!

I want to thank you all again and congratulate you all for setting another record this year with participation and miles ridden. Not only are you participating in a community building event, you are choosing a healthy and clean transportation method, and bringing more awareness to bicycle commuting! As a community, we all traveled:

Those numbers are a great deal to be proud of Thurston County! I hope you all found the month of May to be rewarding and hopefully the BCC has influenced you to keep up the healthy habit of bike commuting. Those sought after coupon packets are being mailed out to everyone who turned in a mileage log this week. If you are a winner, you can expect your prize in the mail in the next two weeks or you will be notified by mail to pick it up at the Olympia Transit Center. Please wait for your letter to arrive, you will need this as proof to pick up your prize.

*Based on AAA Fuel Gauge Report for Olympia, WA in May 2008, average price of regular unleaded $3.81 per gallon and 22 miles per gallon.

Thanks for another great BCC season and see you on the road! ~KT

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