Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The City of Olympia, partnering with the Capitol Bicycling Club, is holding Urban Cycling workshops in March and April, just in time for Spring cycling and May’s Bicycle Commuter Contest! The workshops instruct on:

negotiating with traffic,
navigating through intersections,
fitting your bike,
basic maintenance,
emergency maneuvers and more.

The workshops are available for adults (16 +), youth (ages 12-15) and a women-only course is offered. Adult courses are broken into a weekend, two part workshop with classroom time and parking-lot drills the first day, and more classroom discussion and a group ride the second day. Youth workshops are offered as a two part, Monday/Wednesday course after school on weekdays. A bike in good working order and helmet are required for both sessions. There is a $5 fee for each adult session and a onetime $5 fee for the Mon/Wed youth workshop. Sign up through Olympia Parks and Recreation: 753-8380. For more information, visit our website


Adult-Ages 16 and up
Urban Cycling I: Sat March 7, 10am-2pm
Urban Cycling II: Sun March 8, 10am-2pm

Urban Cycling I: Sat March 21, 10am-2pm
Urban Cycling II: Sun March 22, 10am-2pm

Women’s Workshops-Taught by Women! (this class is filled, but please call and ask to be placed on the waiting list, we will hold another if there is enough demand)
Urban Cycling I: Sat April 4, 10am-2pm
Urban Cycling II: Sun April 5, 10am-2pm

Youth-Ages 12-15 (2 day course)
Urban Cycling: M/W April 6 & 8, 4-6pm
Urban Cycling: M/W April 13 & 15, 4-6pm

These workshops are offered as a part of the Olympia Walks, Olympia Bikes campaign: a grant funded program to increase the safety of walkers and cyclists and encourage more people to try walking and biking.

On a more personal note; I highly recommend these courses to anyone who rides a bike on our urban roads. As a part of my training to teach these courses I had to take the two part workshop myself. I have been an avid cyclist and bike commuter for 7 years now, commuting in urban settings such as San Diego, CA and now Olympia. I went into the course thinking I knew everything I needed to know about cycling with traffic. The course changed my riding style immensely. I did not realize I was uncertain in many traffic situations on where to place myself or how to navigate through a multi-lane left turn. I now ride with much more confidence and can say that I offer motorists a more pleasant view of cyclists by following traffic laws and riding predictably.

Kerry Tarullo
Bicycle & Pedestrian Education Specialist
City of Olympia, Public Works Transportation
Mail address: PO Box 1967, 98507-1967
Street address: 924 7th Ave SE, Suite A
Olympia, WA

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