Friday, April 3, 2009

New Belgium Commuter Special Edition Arrives!
This year we are going to give away two bicycles to two lucky BCC registrants!
(Thanks to New Belgium Brewing Co., Jamis Bicycles and OlyBikes!)
Just check the box on your registration form to indicate which bike you would like to be entered for, and turn in your registration form before the MAY 2 deadline to be entered to win either this New Belgium Brewing Co. 3-speed commuter bike, or the Jamis comfort bike shown below.
NBB Commuter bike spec's:
  • Comfy saddle and handlebars
  • 29" standover height, and long seat post- suitable for riders up to 6' tall
  • Sturmey-Archer 3-speed internal gear hub, w/coaster brake
  • alloy rims with 700x35c tires
  • spring-loaded rear rack with reflector

Sign up soon and GoodLuck!


Mustafa Mohamedali said...

The description for these bikes are inconsistent between the form and the website. Most outdoorsy types would prefer the Jamis but 5' 3" would be unsuitable for most adult men and many women. Why this size???

ThurstonBCC said...

The answers to both of these questions lie in the fact that we depend on our genrous sponsors for donations of our prizes. Last year we received a Cruiser style bike from New Belgium Brewing, and because of some unforeseen changes that occured after our brochure went to the printer, this year we received a different bike- a little more practical for a frequent commuter, actually.
The Jamis bike was given to us out of Jamis Bicycles' generosity, and they chose what size to give us, based on what they could spare. we also thoght it was nice to have one of our free bikes be small enough for a younger rider or a smaller adult.