Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bicycle Drawing Winners!!!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2009 Bicycle Commuter Contest Bike Drawing!! We performed a random electronic number selection drawing for the two bikes so generously donated by sponsors Jamis Bicycles (thanks to OlyBikes), and New Belgium Brewery.

  • Eric Tonder of Olympia won the New Belgium Brewery bike. Eric is a contest veteran, having participated last year, and several past years as well. Eric does his 4-mile one-way commute by bike as often as possible, but also balances a busy schedule and sometimes takes the kids to school in the car. He plans to ride his new bike to work tomorrow, to show all his envious colleagues!
  • The winner of the Jamis Comfort Bike is Meg Spidle, a young (4-year-old) but intrepid bicycle commuter! Meg rides her own bike to school, and on longer errands, rides along in a bike trailer. Four members of Meg's family are signed up for this years Contest, and all ride their bikes regularly. Meg's dad commutes year round, regardless of the weather. Though it will be a few years before Meg can ride the Jamis bike on her own, other members of the family will be putting it to good use it in the meantime, according to mom Holly Davies.
    Congratulations Meg and Eric- lucky winners of the BCC Bike Drawing for 2009!!
    Many thanks to Jamis, OlyBikes and New Belgium Brewery for providing the bikes!!