Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Commuter Profile #5 - Lilly Moneer

What is your Age? 38
What is your Occupation? Administrative Assistant
How long have you been commuting by bike? 6 years
Describe your current average or usual commute (distance, terrain, urban/rural, etc.) About 12 miles round trip, from rural to urban. Most of the commute has a bike lane, except the Deschutes River bridge on Henderson Boulevard. I’ve learned to take my part of the lane to dissuade cars from passing me while we cross.
What got you started bike commuting? Cycling to work is a great way to sneak in additional workouts. It doesn’t take that much longer than when I drive and I arrive to work fully awake and in a great mood. Plus I’m already committed to an afternoon workout – no talking myself into napping instead of exercise.

What is it that keeps you going, especially when the going is tough (weather, etc)? I’m not a year-round bike commuter. My bike commute season begins when it’s light outside for the morning ride. Appropriate clothing layers make wet and chilly days much more tolerable.
How do you choose your route (most direct, least traffic, most scenic, etc)? Least traffic and most direct.
What style of bike do you ride to commute? Hybrid
How many times have you participated in the Bicycle Commuter Contest? 4
Any words of wisdom for the beginning commuter? Practice riding your commute on a weekend to get a feel of the terrain and how much time your ride will take. I found that the easiest route to drive to work is not the best cycling route. Wear bright, reflective clothing and a helmet. Use your lights even in the day and signal your intentions. Anything that will make drivers notice you is good.