Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Absolute Final Results for the 2009 BCC!

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this another great year for the Bicycle Commuter Contest! My stalwart helpers here at Intercity Transit, the many volunteers who helped out with events like the Wrenchers Ball and the Earth Day Ride, the 50 sponsors (mostly local businesses), the local jurisdictions, the Team Captains and EmployeeTransportation Coordinators, and most of all, YOU- the people who got out there on your bikes and rode instead of driving a car!

I have finished entering the data from all the mileage Logs that came in after the deadline, and here are the revised numbers:
1633 people registered to participate.
899 of them turned in a mileage log.
102,379 total miles were logged by those who turned in a log.
11,703 was the number of days those people rode their bikes.
60 teams turned in mileage logs.
695 of the 1182 people on teams returned their log.
194 of the 449 individual participants turned in their log.

We did a mass mailing of coupon packets last week- if you turned in a mileage log, and have not received your coupon packet, please contact me ASAP with all your current contact info, and I will send you your coupons. My last day on the job for this year will be July 9, so if you need to reach me, do so before then! I will be checking in and updating the blog periodically over the summer, but will not be checking my Intercity Transit e-mail account with any regularity. I'll try to post a couple more Commuter Profiles before I wrap up for the year, and I'll be posting interesting links as I find them. Thanks for visiting, and supporting the BCC blog!