Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Seattle Bike Swap and Bike Expo

Be sure to plan ahead for the Seattle Bike Swap (Feb 27th, 2010) and the Bike Expo (March 13-14), both are great ways to kick start your cycling season. The swap meet features many, many vendors selling and swapping anything to do with bikes (including bikes), and some very good bargains can be had, especially if you wait until near the end, when folks are really ready to get rid of stuff, and not wanting to haul it home. At past swaps, I have bought helmets, raingear, panniers, all manner of bicycle parts, and even complete bikes, all at excellent prices. It is a crowded and hectic affair, somewhat like an old fashioned flea-market, with a little friendly jostling and a lot of friendly bargaining to be expected. Find out more here:

The Bike expo is the place to see and buy all the latest and greatest gear, see demos and photos, sign up for the STP and other rides, and hob-nob with cycling's shining stars. Find out more: