Friday, February 19, 2010

Is Spring here?! Well, it's good bike commuting weather!

Take advantage of the amazing weather we're having, and start your bike commuting season early! If you haven't already started biking this year, or haven't biked this early in the season before, there are just a few things to remember:
  • Be Visible! Make sure you have lights and bright clothing in case you end up riding after dark. If you haven't made this a priority yet, PLEASE do- "invisibikes" are dangerous!!
  • Bring layers of clothing to adjust for drastic changes in temperature. We're experiencing 25 degree swings between high and low temps right now- it cools down fast when the sun goes down!
  • Watch for patches of ice in the early morning. The roads are pretty dry right now, but watch out in shaded areas or where water pools or runs across the road.
  • Remember, you can always take the bus home, or for part of your commute. Every Intercity Transit Fixed Route bus has room for two bikes on the front easy-loading rack.
  • Visit your local bike shop for proper lights and other gear, and for expert cycling and safety information.
  • You can do it! The hardest part is making the choice. Just choose the bike and go for it!