Friday, April 2, 2010

Biking in the rain keeps you young!

It's days like today that biking to work really keeps you young.

I started getting ready for the ride to work this morning feeling a little down about the weather- I knew I was going to get wet! I had gone to bed not feeling so well, and woke up late and tired- not feeling so young! My cycling glasses were nowhere to be found, so I borrowed my wife's pair and headed out for the five mile downhill-and-uphill slosh to work. I had to stop soon enough and pull down the rear flap on my jacket because water was trickling down into the back of my rainpants. Plenty of cars splashed past me, but I didn't see another cyclist all the way through town. Near the end of my commute there is a mile-long climb where I get most of my thinking done. There is a bike lane and I am going slow, so I can let my mind wander a bit more. I realized that inclement weather actually brings a different dimension to cycling. It adds an element of adventure, freshness and challenge that when I step up to meet it, rewards me. The opportunity is always there to feel like a kid again whenever you hop on your bike. Hopping on my bike to ride to work in the cold or the rain just makes that feeling even more vibrant for me because it is such a "young" thing to do. I enjoy my commute, and I feel younger for doing it on my bike! (I'm 53 and hoping for at least a couple more decades of riding my bike!)