Tuesday, May 18, 2010

National Bike Week - May 17 - 21

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May is National Bike Month, this week is National Bike Week, and this Friday is National Bike To Work Day, the peak of bicycle commuting activities around the country. Here in Olympia, Washington, we're in the midst of the 23rd Annual Bicycle Commuter Contest and participation is high despite the economy. This week the weather is showery, but we're used to that here. Our many sponsors are really coming through with lots of great prizes this year- so much so that I'm thinking of adding some prize categories, including tracking the weather, and awarding prizes to those who ride the most rainy days! So keep pedaling through the rain, and you might just get a nice reward for it! We have super-fantastic prizes from many local sponsors as well as the bike gear shown in an earlier post, and much more! In the BCC, everyone wins and receives a great packet of coupons, plus around 10 percent of our participants will win prizes on top of that.
Bike safely, and enjoy the ride!