Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BCC 2010 Wraps up- time to return mileage logs!

What a wet May! By my count, it rained or showered on 19 days in May. 1332 people registered for the Bicycle Commuter Contest this year, let's see how many actually rode their bikes rain or shine!

Please turn in your completed, legible mileage log by Monday, June 7 at the Olympia Transit Center, 222 State Ave NE in downtown Olympia, or mail it to:
Bicycle Commuter Contest
c/o Intercity Transit
P.O. Box 659
Olympia, WA 98507-0659

Remember to count the miles you rode in the Earth Day ride if you participated, and to count your "double" miles if you rode on Bike To Work Day, May 21. Check the box if you want to be entered to win the New Belgium Cruiser bike in our free drawing. We also have lots of great coupons for everyone who turns in a mileage log, and many excellent prizes for those who rode the extra mile or the extra day!

Don't miss the Award Ceremony at the Farmers Market on Sat. June 26 at 10am!