Friday, May 20, 2011

Bike To Work and School Day a Big Success!

National Bike To Work and School Day 2011 was a great day for practical cycling in Thurston County as area schools and the City of Olympia/BCC Bike Stations reported record participation and the Inter-Agency Bike Ride turned out a great crowd as well. An estimated 900 school kids rode their bikes, boards or scooters to school today in Thurston County, and approximately 275 practical cyclists were counted stopping by or passing the Bike Stations.  The Inter-Agency Ride estimates 90-100 participants representing 10 State Agencies plus Intercity Transit and City of Olympia. Pioneer School led the way among area schools with a record breaking 200  students (50%) biking or scootering to school today. Countless students walked or rode the school bus. Only a dozen or so cars entered the driveway. Go Pioneer!

The weather couldn't have been better, the cyclists turned out in droves, the crews volunteering for the events really pitched in, and event sponsors went the extra mile- thanks everyone!

Bike Station sponsors included: City of Olympia, Intercity Transit, Alpine Experience, The Bike Stand, Bike Tech, REI, Ralph's Thriftway, Batdorf & Bronson Coffee and Olympia Coffee Roasters.
Inter-Agency Bike Riders on National Bike-to-Work Day 2011
 Inter-Agency Ride sponsors included: Old Town Bicycles, The Bicycle Alliance of Washington,  Capitol Bicycling Club, The Bicycle Commuter Contest (Intercity Transit) and possibly others that I don't know about!

Find photos by WSDOT photographer here:

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Karen M said...

Wow - hoorah for for everyone!
Pioneer Rocks!
The Agency ride was a grand gathering and thanks to sponsors for bringing food.
The bike stations were fun - and thanks as well for sponsors - nice to have coffee and goodies.
Karen M