Monday, June 13, 2011

BCC 2011 Preliminary Results

Yay, the data is in, and 2011 was a great year for the Bicycle Commuter Contest!!
  • 1452 people registered
  • 1101 or (76%) returned mileage logs, our highest return ever, in actual numbers or percentage.
  • Those of us who recorded our miles collectively logged 103,046 miles on 13,770 rider-days.
  • Average miles per month, per rider: 93.5
  • Average days ridden, per rider: 12.5
  • 512 participants were new to the BCC this year.
  • 646 participants rode their bikes 10 days or more during May
We'll have more numbers soon, and we'll be holding our random drawings for four new bikes and other goodies in the next coupole of days. Wednesday is coupon-envelope-stuffing day, so participants who returned their mileage logs will start seeing their coupons in the mail by late this week.

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Wow, that's very cool!