Friday, July 1, 2011

BCC 2011 Final Overall Results

It's a wrap! Bicycle Commuter Contest 2011 is over and on the shelf. Thanks SO much everyone- Sponsors, Volunteers, Team Captains, Employee Transportation Coordinators, BCC Ambassadors, Friends, and most of all, Participants! We had a great year this year in spite of the COLD, wet April and May. May had nearly double the normal rainfall and temperatures well below normal. Still, 1452 people signed up for the BCC.
Now that I have had a chance to add in the late mileage logs and correct a glaring error I made calculating the total miles (I forgot to subtract only HALF the Bike To Work Day Miles), I can share our overall totals which break several all-time records for the BCC!
  • Registrants: 1452
  • Mileage Logs Returned: 1114 (all-time record)
  • Percent of riders who returned logs: 76% (all-time record)
  • Total Miles Ridden: 110,184 (all-time record)
  • Average Miles per rider: 104
  • Days Ridden: 13,947 (all-time record)
  • Avg. Days Ridden: 12.5
Congratulations everyone and have a great summer!

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