Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter: A great time to get your bike tuned up!

Where is your bike right now? Stored away for the winter? Parked outside your house or workplace in the elements? Waiting patiently for better weather? Carrying you reliably through the rainy season?

Wherever your bike is and whether you are riding through the winter or not, chances are it could use a little TLC. The Olympia area is lucky to have a nice choice of great bike shops, well distributed around town.

Now is a great time to take your bike in to your Local Bike Shop for a tune up, and to install any winter riding accessories you may need, like fenders and lights. The bike shops are less busy at this time of year, which means your bike will be ready quicker, and the shop staff will be extra happy to see you!

Most likely your Local Bike Shop is a generous sponsor of the Bicycle Commuter Contest, for which we are very grateful. When you take your bike in, tell them Duncan sent you, and thanks from the BCC!

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