Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nice weather for biking, but all that debris in the bike lane!

 Most of the large branches and debris have been removed from area road shoulders and bike lanes, but there is still a lot of smaller debris including gravel, small rocks, branches, broken glass, etc. If you are affected by debris on your bike route, call or email the appropriate jurisdiction’s Public Works department and tell them- specifically where you have seen debris in the bike lane or road shoulder on your route.

I know the bike lanes are trashed everywhere, and the Public Works people know that too, and they are working to get them swept. But if you make a request for a particular location, they are likely to get there much quicker. If your route is in the City of Olympia, publicworks@ci.olympia.wa.us is the address to send your request to. The number for Olympia Public Works dispatch is: 753-8333. Ask them nicely to sweep your location (for example, “Division St NW between 20th and 26th Aves NW”), and they will send the sweeper there as soon as they can.

Here are contact numbers and emails or request for service forms from the other local jurisdictions:

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