Monday, April 30, 2012

25th Annual Bicycle Commuter Contest Begins!

The 25th Annual Bicycle Commuter Contest starts tomorrow! It's not too late to register for the BCC, the official deadline is Friday, May 11. Register now and record your practical cycling miles in May, and return your mileage Log by June 8 to be eligible for prizes and random drawings! If you have already registered online or by mail but have not yet received your Mileage Log, you can download one and print it out to record your miles. If you do not receive your Mileage Log, coupons and sticker within one week of registering, please contact Duncan Green at dgreen"at"

We hope you enjoy riding your bike to work, school or on errands in May. Please ride courtiously and legally (abide by all the same rules of the road as any other vehicle), dress for the weather, make yourself visible (especially at night) and have fun! Stay tuned here for mini-contests and random prize drawings for BCC participants throughout the month of May.

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Terran W said...

yay! see you all out there on the road! wear that brain bucket and keep your eyes peeled. arrive alive and choose the steep hills!