Friday, May 4, 2012

How to Decide- Which Miles to Count in the BCC?

We get a lot of questions regarding which miles to count on the Mileage Log during the Bicycle Commuter Contest. Here's some guidance: The spirit of this event is to reduce car traffic and its negative effects, and increase awarness and promote the practice of using a bicycle for transportation, not just as a recreational or fitness machine. So...
  • Count the miles you ride your bike for practical purposes: to work, school or on errands or social calls... any trip you might have otherwise made in a car. To the movies, the farmers market, out to dinner, or to the bike shop to pick up a new bike light or some rain gear!
  • Don't count the miles you ride when you go out for a training or fitness ride, or a recreational ride just for the fun of it.
  • Many practical cyclists will take the "long way" home if it's a nice afternoon, to get a little more of a bike ride in. Great! Enjoy those extra recreational or fitness miles, but be honest, that's what they are! Don't count them on your log.
  • Some participants will feel safer on quieter streets or on the bike trail, and will take a slightly less direct route to be safe on their commute. That is fine- count the miles you ride on a safe and reasonable route.
Practical Cycling can be fun and add to your fitness and health- enjoy yourself on your practical trips by bicycle and feel the benefits to your own health and well-being! Know that you are also benefitting your community and the planet at the same time. Thanks for participating in the Bicycle Commuter Contest!

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