Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Official" 2012 BCC Results

Believe it or not there are still a few mileage logs trickling into BCC Central, so the real numbers are actually very slightly higher than these, but we had to quit adding and publish sooner or later so these are the "official" results of the 25th Annual BCC!

See the Team Results Page (in the tabs above) for team standings in four categories.
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Registrants: 1545
Logs turned in: 1058
Miles traveled: 120,653 (all time record)
Trips by bike: 13,974 (all time record)
Teams Returning Mileage Logs: 72 (all time record)
Avg. Daily miles per rider: 10.75
Avg. Monthly miles per rider: 114
First Time participants: 542
Prize recipients: 200
Sponsors: 56
CO2 prevented: 60 tons
Gallons gas saved: 5500
Gas dollars saved: 23,000

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