Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter: a good time for bike maintenance

The cold, dark, rainy season of winter may not be your favorite time to ride your bike (though many of us do it anyway!), but it is a great time to get your bike tuned up.If you don't have your own back-yard bike shop, Thurston County has eight professional bike shops to choose from, all scattered around the urbanized area of the county. All of these shops are equipped to tackle your bike maintenance needs, and they are not swamped with work right now! Bike shops get really busy in the spring- even as early as March. You could wait a week for your bike to get a tuneup in the busy season. Right now though, bike shops are hungry for work and want your business, and you shouldn't have to wait so long for your bike.  Remember to shop local for your bike accessories and clothing. Support the local bike shops that offer professional service to keep us rolling!

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