Monday, June 24, 2013

BCC 2013 Awards Ceremony

Over 100 BCC participants turned out on a beautiful sunny summer solstice morning for the 2013 BCC Awards Ceremony, and fun was had by all! Lots of people won prizes for their efforts and others won in random drawings. We awarded three new bikes as prizes to unsuspecting winners, and it was really fun to see the looks on their faces! There are still more prizes to come. We'll be doing random prize drawings this week, and notifying prize winners by email, so participants, watch your inbox!


Linda Witham said...

Oh, I didn't realize you had to be present to win. I had a critical conflict. PS: I got this message when I tried sending this first. IT says to hit the back key - but there isn't one. So I had to rekey.

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Bicycle Commuter Contest said...

Hi Linda, We had some drawings of names in the "hat" at the Awards Ceremony that you would have to be present to win. All other prizes, including mileage and days ridden awards, bike winners, and more random drawings, the winner need not be present to win.