Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Coming April 3: “The Bicycle Diaries: My 21,000-Mile Ride for the Climate”

21,000 miles, 16 countries, 100 talks . . . and at least one life transformed

Join author and climate researcher David Kroodsma for a slideshow of his two-year bicycle journey through North and South America.

Thursday, April 3, 7 p.m.

Traditions Fair Trade
300 5th Ave SW
Olympia, WA
Free admission
(Café not serving)

Climate researcher David Kroodsma dreamed of bicycling down his driveway in Palo Alto, California, and pedaling for months until he reached the tip of South America. When he finally planned his trip, he wanted more than just adventure; he also wanted to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change on the countries he would explore. So he set out on a well-packed bicycle with a business card, a laptop, and an eagerness to share his knowledge. His project, Ride for Climate, caught on; he gave over 100 school and assembly presentations, garnered dozens of newspaper accounts of his journey, and appeared on international television.

During nearly two years of travel, Kroodsma witnessed the world from a seat of a bicycle. He traversed unique ecosystems, coastline settlements, and glaciated mountains. “While biking,” he writes, “no windshield protects you from the rain, heat, or wind, and no wall divides you from the people along the road.” Countless people, from subsistence farmers to petroleum engineers, sheltered him and shared their stories. These experiences transformed and personalized his understanding of climate change, and in The Bicycle Diaries, Kroodsma shares these unexpected insights through a gripping travel narrative.

“This is the kind of adventure we need more of—someone actually taking what they know and carrying it out to the people who need to hear it. Pedaling a bike, and peddling the truth about the most important issue of our time.” —Bill McKibben,

“When scientist David Kroodsma talks about global warming, people listen—because he’s on a bike.”—Bicycling Magazine

The slideshow shares the best photos and videos from 21,000 miles of riding, and David relates the unique insights gained from his journey. Visit to learn more. 

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