Tuesday, March 31, 2015

BCC Registration Opens- and other big news...

Registration opens April 1 for Bicycle Commuter Contest 2015!
This is an experimental and evolutionary year for the BCC. Like any organism, the BCC must adapt and try new things to live and thrive. Some changes can be uncomfortable, and we can never predict every possible outcome-  and, we hope the things we're trying this year will make the BCC even better and more welcoming and encouraging, so even more people will try riding their bikes for transportation!

This year, the BCC is free for everyone.

There is now no fee to join the BCC. You may register whichever way works best for you, whether it is online, in person at the Olympia Transit Center, with your workplace Employee Transportation Coordinator, or by mail- without the hassle and expense of having to pay a fee. You can register starting April 1!  Receive valuable coupons for discounts at most local bicycle shops when you register for the BCC! Plus a coupon for a free safety check (see below).

A Wrenchers' Ball experiment

Make sure your bike is safe to ride in the BCC! We're trying out a new and different way to offer free safety checks this year. Instead the traditional Wrencher's Ball arrangement of requiring everyone come to one location on one day to have their bikes checked, all participants will receive coupons for a free safety check at our BCC Sponsor Bike Shops. Each bike shop's coupon is valid for slightly different dates, but all are valid for at least a week, in late April/early May. Safety check includes complete inspection and evaluation of your bike's functions and overall safety. This is not a free "tune-up" - parts and other services are available but not included in the free Safety Check.

A more inclusive prize system

We're making a change to the way we award prizes to individual participants in the BCC.  The BCC will celebrate the achievements of the riders with the most miles and days, but prizes will be awarded in random drawings within Mileage and Days categories, so more people have a chance to win a prize. Teams will compete for prizes as always, in the usual categories (Total Miles and Days, Days per Member, percent of First Time riders' days, Mileage Log Return Rate).

100% Organic, Fair Trade cotton t-shirts this year

It has been a goal of ours for several years now to move to organic and more sustainable materials for our t-shirts. We've finally found shirts we like at a price we can afford, in colors we like- we hope you like them too! Same low price: $10 at the Olympia Transit Center- (available soon).

 Spring is here, and we look forward to seeing you out and about- on your bike! :-) 

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