Friday, June 2, 2017

2017 BCC Rider Profile #3: Jelena

Here is  Jelena's story in her own words:

So, when I'm biking it is a bit tiring to bike, but I like feeling the wind on my face and being able to go up hills and down hills. I especially like biking because me and my dad go riding through the park and I like seeing the scenery as I ride by. Especially on sunny days because then I can feel the warm sun on my face while I ride.
I used to not like to ride, but ever since the biking program (Bikes in PE program, ed.) they showed me how to ride my bike and now I like it. I didn't used to like it because I didn't know how and it was a chore to learn. Ms. Steen made it easy and fun! So now I love riding my bike all the time. I ride my bike to school every day since the bike to school challenge.
And a note from Jelena's mom:
The rest of the family really enjoys riding bikes but Jelena never liked it and really struggled learning. I thought I had tried everything so I gave up and decided it was okay if she didn't ride. I was very skeptical when I heard about the bike program but after talking to Ms Steen I trusted her to help Jelena without pushing her. I was so thrilled when Jelena started riding and even more so that she was excited about it! I don't mind dropping off and picking up her trombone everyday because she's riding her bike!

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