Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rider Profile #2

Meet Gene!

Age: 40-50

Occupation: Test Lab Manager

Years of Bike Commuting: 1.5 yrs on the Oly to Dupont commute plus I commuted by bike to class when I was in college, 1976-1980, a few miles round trip most days

Current Average Commute Trip: 23 or 36 miles round trip. My commute frequently combines bike and vanpool.

Q. What got you started bike commuting? I have ridden for years, racing bikes in college then continuing to ride for fun and fitness. Leaving the car at home was the right thing to do. I was already hauling my bike to work a few days a week to ride at noon so it made sense to get more out of the time I spent riding each day. My wife and best friend, Karin, strongly encouraged me to ride to work. Once Pacific Hwy construction over the railroad was completed I had no excuse not to ride.

Q.What keeps you pedaling? I always enjoy riding. It never feels like a chore. There are few things more fun than the bike, but cycling is something I can do almost every day. It keeps me healthy and satisfies my “need for speed”.

Q. Is the route you chose the safest, fastest, most fun, or the only route available? Safest and fastest. Some days after work I hang the bike on an Intercity Transit Van in Dupont. I take the van to Sleater-Kinney where I get on the bike for a quick 5 mile ride to the house via the Chehalis-Western Trail.

Q. What style of bike do you ride on your commutes? 1992 GT Karakoram MTB frame with an outrageous paint job for visibility and theft deterrence, high pressure road tires for speed, full fenders with extensions and mudflaps for a dry ride on wet days, clipless pedals, cyclocross shoes for easy walking, a rear rack and pannier for cargo, an HID headlight, flashing tail lights, a bell and a compass.

Q. How long have you been a BCC participant? First time was last year. I won the “most miles for a first time participant” award.

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