Friday, March 14, 2008

Inter-National Bike to Work Day?

Pedal pushers consider power of the hour
From The Sydney Morning Herald 3.12.08

STAND BY for Earth Ride. The success of Earth Hour's international expansion has motivated those working in other areas, including the folks at Bicycle NSW. After all, the environmental benefits of bike riding are well known, so why not push for worldwide pedal power?

The chief executive officer of Bicycle NSW, Alex Unwin, saw a golden opportunity. "We have already been in touch with cities around the world, including London and New York, about ways we could work together to encourage bike riding," he said. "In addition, we share a view with Earth Hour about the importance of community engagement."

Whether any venture will be called "Earth Ride" is still up in the air, although Unwin said it was being used at the Bicycle NSW office "and it might be helpful in communicating our ideas globally, as Earth Hour has done".

Unwin is a great supporter of community events as a means of changing people's behaviour. Results from the national ride-to-work day back up his view: research in Victoria showed that 34 per cent of "first timers", those who cycled to work for the first time on the 2006 ride-to-work day, were still doing it five months later. (read more)

How inspiring. I don't know how many people really think deeply about National Bike to Work Day and how communities across the nation are joining together for a great cause, but this is an opportunity for a revolutionary event. Imagine the feeling while riding to work, knowing your neighboring countries are doing the same... ~KT

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