Wednesday, March 26, 2008

RAP VIDEO teaches how to put your bike on the bus...

TARC Represents with new Rap Video!

Louisville, KY's transit authority (TARC) knows how to represent! Intercity Transit has the same bike racks they use, so please use this as a helpful reference to load your bike! If you have never loaded your bike on the bus and wish to, it is a very easy process. Like the video shows, squeeze the handle of the rack itself to bring it down to its horizontal position. Then load your bike in the wheel wells and lift the wheel hook over your tire. Simple!
Just let the driver know you will be taking your bike down when you exit the bus. If your bike is the only one on the rack, please squeeze the handle again and turn the rack to its upright position. Only conventional, single seat, two-wheeled bikes allowed on racks, details here:

We will have a bus bike rack demo at our Wrencher's Ball on Friday, April 25 at the Olympia Transit Center from 7am - 5pm. Register for the contest, get a free bicycle safety check and learn how to load your bike on the bus! Details of this event coming soon.

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