Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May 1st Bike Ride...where? Anywhere!

Ride your bike…
to work.
to school.
to shop.
for fun.
for health.

On May 1st stop by the Decatur Street Bike Station on your way to or from. Decatur Street is the quickest, safest route between “here” and “there.” Stop and write a poem, post a note, grab a snack. Two wheels are good in the Southwest Neighbor ‘hood!

Help start a chain reaction.

WHO: The Southwest and Northwest Olympia Neighborhood Associations in collaboration with the South Puget Sound Community College’s Sustainability Committee . . . and everyone who lives in West Oly and regularly travels outside.

WHAT: Use the Decatur Street Bike Connection to ride to work or school in the morning, and to return home in the afternoon. Stop at the SW Neighborhood Walking Park’s "Poetry Post" – leave a bike poem, a bike pic – grab a coffee, water, juice, bagel or cookie – mark your start and finish on an aerial map of the city. Live the life bikeful!

WHY: To kick off the May Bike Commuter Contest, to promote use of the Decatur Street Bikeway, to promote SPSCC’s Sustainability Committee and to introduce the SWONA Poetry Post Walking Park stop. breathe clean air, meet your neighbors, get healthier, spend less on gas, help save Puget Sound, halt global warming, write a bike poem, have some fun on a beautiful work day. Yes!

Thursday May 1st, 7-9 am & 4-6 pm
am: coffee, juice, bagels; pm: 4-6 juice, cookies.

BYOC (cup); BYOP (poem); BYOBP (bike photo)

Aerial map and poetry post available all day long.

End of Decatur St SW, south off 9thAve,
at the Caton Way cul-de-sac

More information or to help staff the "Poetry Post" – contact

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