Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Contest Has Started, Not Too Late to Sign Up!

Happy First Day of the BCC to Everyone! It is NOT too late to sign up if you have not yet, you have until May 3rd! Just print out the registration form here, and mail it in or visit the Olympia Transit Center downtown at 222 State St.
I forecasted some nice weather for you all, I hope you enjoyed your first logged commute trip. I saw a lot of bikes out on the road today, good work!
Tell me how it went...leave some comments of your trips to the store, work or school...or where ever you rode!
Here are some great ways to find routes and count your miles:
  • The Thurston County Bike Map: Find a trail entrance near you or a calmer route through a neighborhood.
  • Google's Pedometer (mileage counter): To calculate mileage: type in your zip code and then press "Start Recording". Double click on where your trip starts, then the next point in your trip, then the next. Every double click will draw a linear point on the map, it does not know how to follow the road. You can view elevation gain and loss with this tool as well, click on Elevation "small" or "large". You can save your routes and share them!
Let me know if you need help finding a less busy route. Good luck and stay safe. See you out there!

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