Monday, June 2, 2008

Contest Ends, But the Pedaling Continues!

Bob Lang, last year's overall winner with 1218 miles, commuting to work.

I want to Congratulate all of the BCC participants for a GREAT month of bike commuting. I have never seen so many bikes and received so many comments on the vast abundance of bicycles on our streets this May. And I have been noticing during these first few days of June, that you all are keeping it real out there. Congratulations because once again, we have received record participation with over 1450 participants. Now make sure to get those mileage logs to me so I can tally up our stats to see as a community how many miles & commute trips we conquered and fuel & air pollution we saved. If you have not received one, you can print one here, or email me and I will send you one: You can send them in any of the following ways, but please get them in by Wednesday, June 4th:

  1. Mail to the Olympia Transit Center (address on your mileage log)

  2. Pedal or walk it in to the Olympia Transit Center 6:30am-7pm and weekends 9am-7pm

  3. Scan and email it to me:

  4. Fax it to: 306-357-6184

Every participant whether they rode one day or 31 will receive a very awesome coupon packet in the mail, please expect these around mid-late June.

Winners will be announced at Super Saturday at the Evergreen State College, June 14th at 10:45am on the main stage. Please come join us to celebrate bicycle commuting, find out our 2008 BCC results and winners, and not to mention the good food and festivities.

I truly hope this BCC has created a rewarding pattern in your lifestyle and you will continue this pattern throughout the year. Once again, thank you for participating, you are contributing to a healthier community. ~KT

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