Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rider Profile #3

Meet Tonya!

Age Range: 30-40

Occupation or place of work: Unclaimed Property Auditor

Years of bike commuting: 11 months

Current average bike commute trip: 50 miles round trip

What got you started bike commuting?
This is a funny story. I have 2 coworkers (Mark & Mike) who have been riding from Lakewood to Olympia for a few years now. I would see them on the road and would think these two are nuts! Isn't that why God invented motorized transportation? So like a crazy person I agreed to ride to work with them on a tandem bike. Off we went, it’s dark and cold when we hit Dupont. I was thinking this was a big mistake but I had no other option because my feet were locked into the pedals like a prisoner. As we approach a busy intersection in Olympia Mark say’s, “ Ok I’m going to just grab the post and wait for the light.” YEAH right, easier said than done . Next thing I know I’m sitting on my bum and Mike and Mark are laughing. “They call this fun.” Well we made it to work I was exhausted – broke out in hives and all I could think was there is now way I’m going to make it home, Mark is just going to have to ride that tandem bike by himself. After being guilted into going back home the only thing I could think of was a small side bet I had made with my husband. It was for $100 because he did not think I could make it either. And I made it hives and all.

What keeps you pedaling instead of driving?
It’s the best on a hot sunny day when traffic is at a dead stop on I-5 and you ride by everyone! The other is riding with Lisa...girl rides are the best.

Is the route you choose the fastest, safest, most fun, or the only route available?
It’s the only route I know, haha!

What style of bike do you ride on your commute?
Thanks to Old Town Bikes I have the best road bike in the world!! SPECIALIZED for women !

What are a few pieces of gear that you find very useful on your commutes?
The most useful in my commute is my Team Barley Davidson – Mark, Mike & Lisa. Without someone to change my flat tires and wait for me at the top of the hills I would never have never guessed in a million years I would be riding my bike to work !!! Thanks guys.

How long have you been a BCC participant?
It will be my first year this May!

Thanks for sharing your commute with us Lisa, funny story too! Now, do not get discouraged by Lisa's commute. This is a long one and hectic, riding on that stretch of I-5. This is legal to ride on this stretch as it is the only way to get through the Fort Lewis area. There is a proposed trail plan that will connect our existing I-5 trail with Tacoma, but do not know when this will happen. Tonya rides with a group that makes it much safer too! ~KT

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