Monday, April 27, 2009

The 2009 Wrencher's Ball was a huge success! We signed up 85 participants for the Bicycle Commuter Contest and checked over and adjusted 85-90 bicycles for people who had signed up. We had an amazing team of volunteers including five mechanics from four local bike shops.
  • Larry Leveen and Ken Sutto from OlyBikes
  • Bill Stevenson from the Bike Stand
  • Jason Wennstrom from Old Town Bikes
  • Derik Archibald from Joy Ride Bicycles

Other excellent independent wrenchers came out to help as well:

  • Matthew Mullinix, Dane Clay, Tom Skjervold and Lee Peterson all did heroic service on the wrenches.
  • Kris Fransen, Kerry Tarullo, James Wancha, Linda Lawson and Mark Kallas helped with logistics and with keeping track of the bikes and signing people up for the BCC. This event could have never happened without this fantastic and dedicated team! Thanks everybody!
Also big Thank-Yous to those contributing with sustenance for our team:
  • San Francisco St. Bakery provided pastries for the morning wrenchers
  • Caffe Vita kept us fueled with coffee
  • Old School Pizza provided three delicious pies for our lunch