Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Wrencher's Ball is Just Around the Corner!
Volunteers from local bike shops will be on hand at the Olympia Transit Center, 222 State Ave in Downtown Olympia, Friday, April 24, from 7am until 4pm (pick your bike up before 5pm) to give your bike a checkover, if you sign up for the Bicycle Commuter Contest.
  • Be prepared to leave your bike for a few hours.
  • We will inspect your bike for safety issues, and make minor adjustments as needed.
  • Typical check-up includes airing up the tires, lubing the chain and cables, minor brake and gear adjustments, making sure nuts and bolts are tight. If we have time we might straighten out a wheel, or adjust a bearing if needed.
  • We won't reliably have spare parts on hand, so if your bike needs a replacement part, you'll have to go to a nearby bike shop (there are three within a few blocks) and buy the part.
  • If your bike needs major repairs, we'll refer you to a local bike shop.
  • PLEASE RETREIVE YOUR BIKE BEFORE 5pm - we'll be packing up to go home after that.

Come on down to the Wrencher's Ball, and get ready to ride!