Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rutted, half-frozen slush!

Cycling condtions on the way to work this morning made me feel so fortunate to have a good bus system as a back-up for at least part of my commute today. The roads near my house were mostly covered in rutted, half-frozen slush. The bike lanes were deep with it, and navigable only with much difficulty. Cars whizzed by hurling tsunamis of heavy, dirty goosh six feet in the air and all the way to the shoulder of the road. When I was a little younger, I probably would have toughed it out and ridden the whole way, but today I decided to put my bike on the bus for the first part of my commute. That got me downtown where the melting was a little farther along, and from there I rode the rest of the way to work without difficulty, getting wet only from the rain, and from being a bit over-dressed! For more information about taking your bike on an Intercity Transit bus in Thurston county, visit

If you rode your bike to work today, or have a story to share about commuting by bike or bike-and-bus, feel free to leave a comment here on the BCC blog, or email me at dgreen"at"

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