Wednesday, May 25, 2016

2016 Commuter Profile Number 3 - Victoria

When I started as an Employee Transportation coordinator I had no interest in becoming involved in the Bicycle Commuter Contest. I did ‘poke’ at folks I knew at work that did some riding to see if they were going to form a team. But me-join a team and bike? Got to be kidding! I didn’t own a bike, had not ridden in years, too old (60)-besides 9 miles one way was-crazy! Eventually a team did form, acquired a name and enough attitude to ask me ‘why?’ Why wasn’t I putting ‘my money where my mouth was’. My spouse started riding-and I gave in. I acquired a ‘recycle’ from Craig’s list, gave it some TLC and signed up for the 2013 contest. My work group jumped in-paid my registration fee, took pictures, had breakfast for me on the first day. Included was a giant (really!) chart complete with a 100 mile goal (Holy cow!) After watching my charted progress I was hooked. I checked the bike map and rode various routes for time on my off days. I’ve continued riding since that point going to other bike events in the area. Tips and tricks? If you don’t own a bike decide first what type riding you want to do-then try out different bikes. Purchase a GOOD bike from a reputable source. Have the bike ‘fitted’ to you. Buy riding gear-it helps when you are comfortable (jeans and shorts aren’t the best for longer distances). Don’t forget safety! Lights, reflectors, a bright color shirt/jacket. If you are riding to work check your route while actually riding. You’ll become more aware of possible hazards and how to adjust.  Talk to other cyclists! I like riding even in the not so wonderful Pacific Northwest weather. Staying fit keeps you healthy and happy. You can join a riding group or go with friends-Great way to socialize.


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