Friday, May 27, 2016

Last Few Days to Ride in the BCC!

Make sure to keep logging your practical bicycle trips on your BCC Mileage Log!  You'll need to report your trips first thing in June-     There are two ways to do this- see options below.

 This year's New Belgium Cruiser ~ you could win this bike
or one of several other bikes from local bike shops- IF you report your trips!

Options for Reporting Your Trips: 
  • Return your Mileage Log in person at the Olympia Transit Center, or by mail (address on Mileage Log), OR:
  • Report your total days and miles online (instructions below).
You may report your BCC participation online (in fact it saves us work!). Our online system only allows you to enter your TOTAL days and miles ridden, ONE time. So, make sure you wait until the end of May to use it, unless you're sure you won't be biking anymore in May. Here's the link:

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